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How we do what we do.

We invest in what matters most: our people, our processes, and our customers.




ITIL Methodology

ITIL is a widely accepted best practice in the industry, and we’ve mastered it. We don’t just execute a mature and disciplined ITIL methodology; we’ve incorporated it into the very core of our business. Our engineering organization is aligned with and organized according to the ITIL phases, so you know we’ve got a strategy and plan in place every step of the way!



Reference Architectures

We use the engineering concept of reference architectures, which are preselected, rigorously tested, modular configurations of equipment, software and circuits. Each of our reference architectures are built based on the requirements and security needs of a particular industry. Nearly two decades of research have been invested into perfecting these designs to include the best components and allow for flexibility where you need it. By identifying the best configurations and performing regular updates, we drive cost efficiencies and remove defects, so you don't have to worry about your network's stability.



Technical Consultative Engagement

To help you get where you need to be, we have to have a true understanding of where we’re starting from. We begin with business workshop, a process through which we work with your team to validate your current and future business priorities. Next, we establish a baseline for your existing operational performance and develop a Total Cost of Ownership Analysis. Through these steps, we can determine the best reference architecture and technology roadmap for you. The bottom line? You get simplified network, lowered operating costs, decreased risk, and a lot less worry!


Continuous Improvement

We are always working to improve our offerings, processes, and customer experience. We meet with you on a regular basis to review your service so that we can continuously evolve to meet your needs. We update your technology roadmap to align with any changes in your business priorities. If need be, we even create a roadmap redesign to ensure your IT infrastructure continuously evolves to meet your needs.


A Specialized Team for You Every Step of the Way

From the moment we start working together, you are assigned a specific team, including an Account Manager, Project Manager, Service Operations Manager, Technical Architect, and Service Delivery Manager. This team of experts stays with your organization even after your solution is implemented. Our resources follow you through the lifecycle so that we maintain institutional knowledge of your business, and your experience is a seamless one.



Our Network Operations Center (NOC)

Our US-based NOC is running 24x7x365. And it’s the control center for all we do.



Our US-based NOC is made up of world-class engineers

The level of skill, education, and certification held by the engineers in our NOC is unparalleled in the industry. At Alliant, even the operations engineers who take your initial call hold a Masters degree in Engineering.


Seamless knowledge sharing and escalation

All of our NOC engineers (Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III) are located in the same US-based facility. You are guaranteed to have the same group handling all incidents and tickets, so you can rest assured no time or knowledge is wasted.



With our co-management portal, you have visibility into your incident tickets in real-time. You also have immediate access to information around what’s happening in your IT infrastructure. Further, you can request changes through the portal. We don’t just acknowledge that we’ve received your request- we address your needs quickly and with a level of service that will never disappoint.



Investment in Product Development

It may not be the industry norm to invest heavily in R&D, but we don’t strive for normal.



Our product management team

Alliant has an entire team devoted to product marketing and development. We are working with tireless innovation to study the market, understand what our customers want, and design solutions to meet your business needs. The only way to be the best at what you do is to invest in staying a step (or three) ahead of everyone else.



Financial options and bills that work for you (and that you can understand)!

Your time is just as valuable as your money. We’re here to save both.



Hardware procurement flexibility

A cost effective approach is always a good thing, right? Our OpEx purchasing model provides a way for you to get all the high-end hardware, software, and licensing you need in a predictable, cyclical budget. It doesn’t matter if you’re on-prem, off-prem, private cloud, public cloud, or no cloud—with our OpEx model, your total cost of ownership is reduced. We do offer flexibility around hardware procurement options. Whatever your needs are, we have a model that fits them!


Easy- to-understand bills that match your contract

We believe that billing should be consolidated, consistent, and easy to understand. With Alliant, you get one bill for end to end service, and we bill based on what you order. You don't need to spend your time fixing the errors, issues, and headaches that come with juggling multiple vendors. Your contract and your bill look exactly the same, so you know you are paying for exactly what you agreed to.

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Who We Are

We design, deploy, and manage global IT infrastructure through scalable Continuous Infrastructure Service™ (CIS)—an IT infrastructure-as-a-service utility for enterprise Wide Area Network, Local Area Network, Unified Communications and Data Center systems.  Alliant Technologies is unique in the industry by the way in which it provides simplicity, and peace of mind while lowering operating costs and risk for commercial enterprises.

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