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"I know I speak for all of 4D, when I say, please extend our heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the Alliant Technologies personnel assisting in the relocation of 4D hardware to NAC (data center). Especially the technicians who worked into the night to ensure no disruption in 4D server coverage. It is refreshing to deal with a company who delivers, as promised. Very much appreciated!"
– Gary Lawrence, Director - Procurement/Contracts, 4D Security Solutions
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Data Centers today are much more dynamic than they were twenty years ago when we only had a primary and backup site for data management. Today, your data and servers are distributed from in house to co-location facilities to cloud solutions. The good thing is that at Alliant, we’re not delivering data center services like twenty years ago. In fact, we’re not doing it quite like anyone else is today. We deliver a variety of data center capabilities all the way from very private solutions to the most public as-a-service offerings. Our customers have found that our location agnostic approach to the Data Center is just what they’ve been looking for. Find out why.



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When it comes to your data, we don't compromise

Your data matters to us. What doesn’t matter is where your data lives. We’re not picky like that. Whether it’s on or off premises, in the public or private cloud, we’ll help you create the best data center management strategy to meet your organization’s needs.





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Powerful and scalable computing environment at world class data center facilities

 Private Cloud

Server and desktop virtualization brings the power of cloud computing to your IT infrastructure

 Secure Storage

Consolidate, scale and backup your infrastructure with a dynamic data center

 Compute-as-a-Service (Caas)

Flexible, self-service virtual machines

Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS)

Secure, scalable, pay-per-use data storage


  • virtualization

    Virtualization and Consolidation

    Less hardware, lower cost, and reduced downtime. Now, less means more.

    Server and network virtualization makes data centers more dynamic by using less energy and space while increasing the overall uptime for end-users. What’s even better is that virtualizing your desktops and applications enables you to respond to changes in your business while reducing costs.

  • disaster-recovery

    Disaster Recovery

    Crisis averted. It feels good to say.

    For something as important as the IT infrastructure that powers your business, you need to stay afloat should something go wrong. Let us be your life saver to minimize disruption, interruption and failure and maximize your ability to deliver your service.

  • connectivity-optimization

    Connectivity Optimization

    Full throttle data center.

    Good is never good enough for us. And we bet you are the same. We can help you optimize business critical applications, adopt new technological advancements, reduce cost & risk and increase productivity, performance and revenue.

  • core-switching

    Core Switching

    Increase network availability.

    This is where all your decisions are made. So it’s important to have a reliable environment that delivers architectural flexibility and consistent networking across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

  • storage


    Adaptable storage solutions for intelligent data management.

    The amount of data an organization produces, analyzes and stores is growing—and by a lot. Whether you are dealing with multiple terabytes, petabytes, zettabytes or more, dynamic and efficient data storage solutions help assess your current storage usage patterns and make estimates on future growth needs.


Our Data Center platform capabilities are combined with our Continuous Infrastructure Service™ (CIS™) so that you can work on innovative projects that drive your business strategic value. We design, build, transition and operate your IT infrastructure so that it is secure, has fewer defects, and stays current. But what if you can also reduce shadow IT? Our CIS™ approach results in IT infrastructure platforms that are more scalable, flexible, and quicker to implement. Not only that, with our OpEx model, you can quickly respond to those unplanned project requests from business units without having to fight through the CapEx budget process.

Who We Are

We design, deploy, and manage global IT infrastructure through scalable Continuous Infrastructure Service™ (CIS)—an IT infrastructure-as-a-service utility for enterprise Wide Area Network, Local Area Network, Unified Communications and Data Center systems.  Alliant Technologies is unique in the industry by the way in which it provides simplicity, and peace of mind while lowering operating costs and risk for commercial enterprises.

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