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Alliant's Agent Program

Do you want to expand your portfolio of offerings for your customer? Would you like to increase your status as trusted advisor? Do you enjoy recurring revenue? If so, our Agent program is for you! We offer the opportunity to act as an Agent in selling our Continuous Infrastructure Service™ (CIS™). CIS™ is the solution that the world of IT has been waiting for. Our customers have told us that they want to get rid of shadow IT and stop focusing on keeping the lights on. They want drive value by working on projects that transform their business, which is exactly what CIS™ enables them to do. More importantly, we are committed to a long-term relationship as their business and technical partner. 

The response to CIS™ from the market has been tremendous and resulted in rapid growth within our firm. As a result, we have developed the Alliant Agent Program, enabling our agents to provide this value to enterprise global customers. Our program is different from other agent programs, though. Our agents provide a warm-handoff for a qualified opportunity to our account managers. We do the heavy lifting of managing the sale close. This allows agents to focus on reaching more enterprises while leveraging the knowledge and experience of our resources. Most importantly, our agents can enjoy recurring annuity and revenue growth with continued engagement. 

How Does This Work?

Alliant begins with a strategic planning session with each Agent to establish a clear understanding of Alliant’s strategy, products and services as well as our target customer profile. Our on-boarding program provides Agent with the knowledge to identify best suited opportunities and the tools to support rapid, successful business win. Agents find a suitable opportunity and communicate the value of Alliant’s offerings. If it’s the right fit, they bring in an Alliant Account team for a warm handoff. Then, on to the next! It’s that simple. Alliant is committed to delivering high value throughout the service lifecycle, resulting in a strong long-term relationship with both our Agent and customer.

Agent Program Benefits

  • With Alliant’s proactive technology refresh, Agents that keep promoting Alliant can enjoy perpetual annuity effect.
  • Agents can start with a sale in one product area (e.g., Wide Area Network) and can continue to grow their commission revenue at that customer by positioning Alliant for opportunities in other areas including Local Area Networks, Data Center, and Unified Communications.
  • As customers increase configuration items, Agent commission revenue increases.
  • Alliant's account managers handle the day-to-day sales activities so that Agents can focus on growing customer relationships.
  • Alliant provides marketing and sales support so that Agents can reach more customers and close more sales.
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Warm Handoff
Recurring Revenue

The Lifecycle 

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  • As an Agent, you promote our services and identify qualified opportunities. You then provide a "warm-transfer" to a dedicated Alliant Account Manager. We take it from there to manage the sale. You remain involved and leverage your relationship to drive close the sale. 
  • Our engineers complete a Technical Consultative Engagement (TCE) to evaluate current and future state in order to build the optimal roadmap to meet the customers' business, operational and technical priorities. We identify and configure industry-specific reference architectures based on customer requirements. 
  • Our operations engineering team provisions, deploys and tests products and services and the customer is fully on-boarded. We make sure everything is in order and confirm customer acceptance for billing start. 
  • We deliver service and provide 24/7 US-based network operations support. Our customers co-manage the IT infrastructure via an intuitive portal. Customers enjoy proactive upgrades of equipment to stay current. In parallel, our Agents enjoy recurring annuity and revenue growth with continued engagement.


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We design, deploy, and manage global IT infrastructure through scalable Continuous Infrastructure Service™ (CIS)—an IT infrastructure-as-a-service utility for enterprise Wide Area Network, Local Area Network, Unified Communications and Data Center systems.  Alliant Technologies is unique in the industry by the way in which it provides simplicity, and peace of mind while lowering operating costs and risk for commercial enterprises.

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