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About Alliant



Alliant Technologies (Alliant) designs, deploys and manages global IT infrastructure. Alliant’s worldwide headquarters and Network Operations Center (NOC) house world-class infrastructure in a highly collaborative work environment, including a state-of-the-art technologies lab and training facility. The Alliant team is comprised of operations and engineering experts who hail from the finest institutions and most renowned companies in the world. For our enterprise customers, this means the peace of mind that comes with having a team of best-in-class engineers working on your environment 24x7x365.


Alliant has a rich 17 year history of providing integrated IT solutions to their customers. Through partnerships with powerhouses like Cisco, AT&T, and Riverbed, enterprise companies and household names have signed and continue grow with Alliant, forging relationships and entrusting the firm with the management and security of their global IT infrastructure.

At Alliant, our key values are honor, fearlessness, and innovation. We take those values seriously and integrate them into our culture and all that we do. We are committed to delivering IT infrastructure in a way that our customers need; allowing them focus on their own strategic projects. As such, Alliant is the premiere partner for Red Forge CIS™. Alliant delivers Red Forge’s scalable Continuous Infrastructure Service™ (CIS™), via Wide Area Network (WAN), Local Area Network (LAN), Unified Communications (UC) and Data Center (DC), and security. With CIS™, IT is consumed as a utility, and we offer hardware procurement flexibility It’s always on and available where you do business. As a result, Alliant delivers peace of mind while lowering operating costs and risk. We have delivered this solution to many household name companies. We are proven, our model is proven. Our customers are so happy with the solution that they continue to expand the CIS™ services within their environment.

Alliant is committed to delivering what customers want: IT delivered with increased uptime and performance, predictable expenses, and lower operational costs—so that you can focus on strategic initiatives that drive top line growth. Simply put, customers need to focus their time and resources on driving value for their organization. Our logo is an endless figure that echoes our mission to provide continuous service to our customers.


Our Values


We challenge the status quo, take smart risks, and do what we think is right – even when the rest of the market is doing something very different.


We act with honesty and integrity, seek what is best for our customers, and take responsibility for our actions. We know that our word and handshake are enough.


We think boldly and differently, look for better ways of doing things, and operate on the leading edge with transformative, dependable solutions.

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Who We Are

We design, deploy, and manage global IT infrastructure through scalable Continuous Infrastructure Service™ (CIS)—an IT infrastructure-as-a-service utility for enterprise Wide Area Network, Local Area Network, Unified Communications and Data Center systems.  Alliant Technologies is unique in the industry by the way in which it provides simplicity, and peace of mind while lowering operating costs and risk for commercial enterprises.

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