What type of people work at Alliant?

Alliant attracts self-motivated people who enjoy tackling challenging assignments in return for bonuses, advancement - and the personal gratification of a job well done. Our employees take a solutions-based approach to customer projects, and are continually seeking out the latest technology advances. Alliant lets you create your own opportunities in a flexible and supportive team environment.

Why should you work at Alliant?

Alliant believes that work is more than just a paycheck. We believe that your career should enhance, not detract from, your quality of life. The benefits of working at Alliant include:

Great people. Alliant employees work hard to solve customer problems, but they are also very supportive of their co-workers. There is a strong feeling of mutual respect and community here.

Great benefits. We provide a full medical package for employees and their families, with a 401k savings plan, flexible savings accounts for medical or child care expenses, and paid vacations. Additionally, Alliant generously sponsors fun-filled company events throughout the year for you and your family.

Great career. We encourage our employees to help set the direction for the company, and to move into leadership positions. Most staff members are attracted to Alliant because it is a growing company - and they develop a strong feeling of ownership as they grow with the firm. Our low employee turnover rate speaks to the dedication and commitment of our employees.

What They're Saying...

"There aren't many companies like Alliant anymore. We have become the kind of company where people can set their career goals for the next 10 or 15 years, achieve these goals, and build a career without having to move from job to job."
Bruce Flitcroft, Alliant CEO

"Working at Alliant is like playing in the ultimate IT sandbox!"
Alliant Engineer

"Bring your dreams - as long as you are in alignment with the firm's direction, you will have the opportunity to realize them."
Alliant Engineer

"I think Alliant is a great place to work - the engineers are excellent, the partner relationships are very strong, and I've been given the opportunity to grow with the company."
Alliant Sales Person

As long as you challenge yourself every day, you will grow. Stop growing and you grow bored. Alliant Technologies offers you the chance to challenge yourself technically, professionally and personally. We want talented, forward thinking technologists who define box as something to think out of. We want people who color outside the lines. We want people who make the job fun and exciting, not people who expect the job to make them fun and exciting.

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